Landlord-Tenant, Wills, Expungements & Other Legal Services in Middleburg Heights and Cleveland, OH

Landlord-Tenant Law - Kasputis Law Firm LLC

At Kasputis Law Firm, we offer a wide range of professional legal services in five key practice arena: Landlord-Tenant Law, Business Law, Wills & Trusts, and Credit Card Defense.

Landlord-Tenant Law

At Kasputis Law Firm, we can help landlords and tenants with difficult legal disputes involving evictions, litigation, and leases. Our landlord-tenant legal services focus on representing landlords in Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina and Summit counties.

We can provide legal assistance with evictions, landlord-tenant litigation, administrative hearings (including the Ohio Civil Rights Commission), foreclosure defense/evictions, state and federal appeals, contract drafting/interpretation.

Our clients benefit from Ed Kasputis’ unique experience and insight as lawyer, legislator, and landlord. The candid, informed advice we offer can save them both time and money.

Business Law

Today’s enterprises need advisors and advocates who are responsive and result-oriented. At Kasputis Law Firm, we strive to understand each client’s business and their objective. We provide creative and cost-effective results in accordance with your project's budget.

We offer a range of legal services for businesses, including business formation, close Corporation Agreements, Buy-Sell Agreements, Mergers & Acquisitions, Commercial Contracts, as well as Debt & Seller Financing.

Wills & Trusts

There are many legal strategies available for protecting and passing on wealth. From wills and revocable living trusts to irrevocable trusts, we offer comprehensive estate planning services that can help you make the right choices.

Credit Card Defense

If a credit card company or debt collector files suit, it will serve you with a summons to which you will need to respond promptly. You need to know your rights before you answer the summons. At Kasputis Law Firm, we’re well-versed in Credit Card Defense. We can help.

At our first meeting, we’ll review the complaint and look specifically at the following critical issues:

  • Were you properly served with the Summons and Complaint?
  • Has the statute of limitation expired?
  • Does the Plaintiff have the proper paperwork to prove its case?
  • Has the Plaintiff properly complied with the Fair Debt Collections Act?
  • Does the Plaintiff have the proper standing to pursue its cause of action?
  • Are there fraudulent charges on your bill(s)?
  • Have you been discharged in bankruptcy?


In Ohio, an expungement is the sealing of a record. This legal process allows one to have cleared any and all references to a prior criminal conviction (or a finding of not guilty), and then to have the court file sealed. As a result, it is as if one were never convicted (or arrested) of the crime.

On June 26, 2012, Governor Kasich signed Senate Bill 337, which changed Ohio law as it relates to expungement and the sealing of criminal records. The new Ohio expungement law went into effect on September 28, 2012. It makes more people eligible for expungement and broadens the list of expungement offenses.

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